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ZenoStar is a highly systematic and future-ready lab concept for monolithic dental restorations. The perfect restoration type for crowns and bridges offering high strength and a natural appearance all at an affordable price. ZenoStar stands for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

  • ZenoStar offers a cost-effective and esthetic, alternative to non-precious metal health-service restorations.

  • ZenoStar stands for single-piece, all-ceramic white crowns and bridges without a ceramic veneer.

  • There is absolutely no risk of chipping.

  • ZenoStar is made to a perfect fit from high-performance ceramic.

  • The highly translucent ZenoStar ceramic together with the option of customizing the shading to meet the requirements of each individual case give the restoration an esthetic and natural appearance. The discolorations in the area of the gingival margin which are common with PFM restorations can not occur when using Pure Zirconia.

  • The high strength of this material enables preparations to be gentle on the tooth substance and is therefore also suitable when there are problems of space.

The patented ZenoStar Zr Translucent Discs, pre-shaded in the shadespure, light, medium, intense, sun and sun chroma form the basis for fast and easy reproduction of the tooth shades. The final nuance is added with the aid of the ZenoStar Art Module with its stains and one-layer materials which are fine-tuned to the ZenoStar concept.


The Zenostar Material

This translucent material combines excellent flexural strength with the esthetics of natural tooth shades. Zenostar Zr Translucent is especially suitable for making monolithic restorations. With full-contour Zenostar restorations there are two methods of achieving the desired shade: with the zenostar brush infiltration technique or with the Zenostar staining technique. Six shades variants (pure, light, medium, intense, sun and sun chroma) are available and these form the basis for reproducing the patient individual tooth shade. Because of their warm reddish shade nuances, Zenostar Zr Translucent sun and sun chroma can be used to form the basis of restorations with individualized shading and can therefore also be used to produce individualized shades for patient whose natural dentition offers from the classical dental shades.

Zenostar Zr Translucent can also be used as an esthetic framework material. Especially in conjunction with the one-layer technique, individualized, biocompatible dental restorations in natural tooth colours can be produced quickly and cost effectively.


Zenostar - Two in One

The Zenostar Two in One concept is as easy as it could possibly be.

The Zenostar Zr Translucent shades pure, light, medium and intense were developed for reproducing the 16 A-D + 4 bleach shades. In order to obtain more individualized tooth shades, you can use Zenostar Zr Translucent blanks in the shades sun and sun chroma are characterized by a warm, reddish basic shade.

In order to reproduce the 26 3D shades, five Zenostar shade variants are available as a basic for restorations for patients whose natural dentition differs from that of the classic shades. The Zenostar Art 3D stains are available separately as an add-on. The 3D add-on stains contains seven Zenostar Art 3D stains, which in conjunction with the previous eleven Zenostar Art stains from Zenostar Art Focus and Complete Modules open up all the possibilities of 3D Dental shades.   


ZenoStar Simple. Beautiful. Strong.



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